Chemeketa Library and Learning Cloud

The Chemeketa Library and the Learning Cloud are happy to announce new video titles added to our streaming media and DVD collections. These titles are available via the Chemeketa Learning Cloud and have been licensed in perpetuity (aka forever/life of the digital file): Red Moon: Menstruation, Culture, and the Politics of Gender (Click on the “attachments” button to see a discussion guide and transcript that the vendor has provided. The captions have been uploaded as well.) Game Over: Gender, Race, and Violence in Video Games (Click on the “attachments” button to see a discussion guide and transcript that the vendor has provided. The captions have been uploaded as well.) Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation Who’s Counting: Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics These titles have been licensed for a period of 3-5 years: “Understanding Nonverbal Communications” (3 episodes from the series) Secrets in Facial Expressions (ep. 6) Interpreting Nonverbal Communication (ep. 9) Spotting Nonverbal Deception (ep. 11) Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement Six Generations Modern Times (the Charlie Chaplin film) A Midwife’s Tale The following DVDs will be available in the Library’s collections now/soon (some have just arrived and are in process): The Cheese Nun Mark Twain’s America (a Ken Burns co-production) Growing up Trans Economic Meltdown Craft in America: Nature, Maya Angelou “and still I rise” Tesla, An Inconvenient Truth/An Inconvenient  Sequel If you have any questions about these titles or requests for further media purchases, please contact

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Films On Demand

Beginning winter 2016 all Chemeketa faculty & students will have access to Films On Demand. Media can be accessed on-campus or shared within Chemeketa’s eLearn system. Faculty and students can access the Films on Demand website directly to search or browse media. Films On Demand offers tens of thousands of full length films and clips on a wide variety of subjects. How to Access Films On Demand Access URL: If prompted login using your My Chemeketa username and password. How to Add Films On Demand media to Blackboard Faculty should use LTI links when adding Films On Demand media to Blackboard. NOTE: embedded media using HTML code or  sharing direct web links to Films On Demand media will require students to login to view the media. To avoid this use  LTI web link to Films On Demand media from within Blackboard. How to copy an LTI web link Access the Films On Demand website at: Navigate to a video title Click on the <Embed> button underneath the video on the view video page Copy the listed “LTI Link” (LTI links can only be shared within Blackboard) How to create an LTI web link within a Blackboard Change Edit Mode to ON. Navigate to a content area within your course. Click on the Build Content button  and select Web Link from the drop-down list. On the Create Web Link page, type a Name for the link that will display in the course area. Paste the LTI link from the Films

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Webinar: Take Educational Video To The Next Level with Kaltura

Taking Educational Video to the Next Level December 8, 2015 Industry:Education From flipped classrooms to video assignments, video has become an essential part of teaching and learning worldwide. But as educational institutions become more proficient at using video, are they taking full advantage of video’s potential across the organization? Join this webinar to discover how to take your educational video to the next level. From marketing and admissions to campus life and libraries to community and alumni relations, video can revolutionize the entire institution. See how to use the video tools you already have to increase matriculation, grow a sense of community spirit, manage your archives, keep in touch with your graduates, and more. Panelists: Justin Beck, VP of Global Education Perry Fetterman, Director of Product Marketing

Filedrop File Transfer

The Chemeketa Filedrop service is a convenient way for students, faculty, and staff to send large files or restricted file types that are not able to pass through email without resorting to the use of FTP services. Please use this service only for Chemeketa related business and instruction. To access Filedrop visit: Create a Filedrop link A personal filedrop link is a way convenient way for students to send files to instructors. You can send your person filedrop link in an email or post to an eLearn/Blackboard course. To create a personal Filedrop link: Replace your email address at the end of the link. Share the link in your course or elsewhere. If your email address ends in You can send files up to 2GB to anyone. You can receive files up to 2GB from anyone. Login with your primary email address (e.g. and your regular network password. For password problems please contact the IT Help Desk. Make sure to note any error messages. If your email address ends in You can send files up to 2GB to anyone with an address. You can receive files up to 2GB from anyone with an address. Login with your and your My Chemeketa password. Password resets or lookups can be self managed here: If your email is not managed by Chemeketa You can send files up to 2GB to anyone with an address.

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