Chemeketa Library and Learning Cloud

The Chemeketa Library and the Learning Cloud are happy to announce new video titles added to our streaming media and DVD collections. These titles are available via the Chemeketa Learning Cloud and have been licensed in perpetuity (aka forever/life of the digital file): Red Moon: Menstruation, Culture, and the Politics of Gender (Click on the “attachments” button to see a discussion guide and transcript that the vendor has provided. The captions have been uploaded as well.) Game Over: Gender, Race, and Violence in Video Games (Click on the “attachments” button to see a discussion guide and transcript that the vendor has provided. The captions have been uploaded as well.) Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation Who’s Counting: Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics These titles have been licensed for a period of 3-5 years: “Understanding Nonverbal Communications” (3 episodes from the series) Secrets in Facial Expressions (ep. 6) Interpreting Nonverbal Communication (ep. 9) Spotting Nonverbal Deception (ep. 11) Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement Six Generations Modern Times (the Charlie Chaplin film) A Midwife’s Tale The following DVDs will be available in the Library’s collections now/soon (some have just arrived and are in process): The Cheese Nun Mark Twain’s America (a Ken Burns co-production) Growing up Trans Economic Meltdown Craft in America: Nature, Maya Angelou “and still I rise” Tesla, An Inconvenient Truth/An Inconvenient  Sequel If you have any questions about these titles or requests for further media purchases, please contact

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Technology Exploration Grants

ONLINE INSTRUCTORS Get Your Ideas Off the Ground! Are you an Online Instructor seeking to explore an emergent instructional technology in your practice? OCCDLAʻs Emergent Technology Work Group has research and development funds for exploration of instructional technologies in distance education. Interested Instructors can request grant funding this term. APPLY TODAY Visit to learn more.

2017 Academic Technology Fair

The Academic Technology Fair celebrates the use of technology in education at Chemeketa. Event Information Please join us at the Tech Fair and discover innovative and creative ways technology enhances our students’ learning. Date: Wed, Sept. 13th from 1 to 3 pm Location: Bldg 9, 1st Floor on Salem Campus Theme: "Understanding Our Students" Featured Topics Featured topics at the event include: Affordability of Course Materials Accessibility in Teaching & Learning Mobile Learning & Access Increasing Student Engagement Event Highlights Also included at the Tech Fair this year are: Faculty Showcases Chemeketa Service Booths eLearning & Academic Technology Fun Activities and Giveaways Raffle Drawing held at 3:00 pm Questions Please contact the eLearning & Academic Technology Department at 503.399.7873.

Winter 2016 eLearn Course Archive and Deletion

Chemeketa Online has a regular process to remove older courses from the eLearn server by maintaining just five terms of available courses on the system. On the morning of Tuesday, March 28, 2017, courses from Winter 2016 will be deleted from eLearn. You will no longer be able to access these courses through your eLearn course list. All courses will have been archived prior to deletion. Development shells will not be affected. If you wish to keep material from W16 on the eLearn server, you must request a development shell to be based on that content. You can request a development shell at If more than five terms will elapse before you need to use a course again, or if you plan to make major edits to a shell that contains student work and grade history, you should create an archive copy of the course to be stored on your computer. An archived course can be restored to an empty eLearn shell at any time. Full instructions for creating an archive copy of a course are available at (Note that it is not necessary to archive every course. In the event of a grade challenge or similar emergency, any deleted course can be restored from our archives even if you have not made your own copy.) Please contact us with any questions by calling 503.399.7399 Option 1, or via email: .