Tech Hub Virtual Office Hours

During fall term, Tech Hub faculty will be online to assist you with course development, answer questions, and give advice on instructional technologies. To meet with one of the Tech Hub Faculty simply visit the following link during one of the scheduled days/times: You can join the conversation in two ways: With a microphone, you will be able to talk to someone Via the text chat tool, you can type in your questions Tools, that are optional, but will help on your end: Headphones or speakers (required for audio chat) Microphone (required for audio chat) Webcam (optional for video chat) For more information, please contact the Tech Hub.


Just like Adopt-a-Highway, except for your online course. The TechHub provides a means for instructors to update and simplify their courses in eLearn. It is our goal to simplify the instructional lives of our online faculty as well as ease of course navigation for students. About Adopt-a-Course Our Adopt-a-Course program offers a course tune-up with these outcomes in mind: Update workflow methods Update courses in eLearn and make them easier to navigate and provide consistent look and feel Increase student satisfaction and foster improved learning Infuse instructional design techniques Take this quick mental survey about your course(s): Do you see duplicate items in your course? (chain link icon) Do you have multiple pathways to your materials? Do you have HTML files? Do you have missing image links? Do you have web links that don’t work? Do your web links open in the content frame rather than in a new window? Do you have course menu links that are not in use? Do you have many technical issues with your course? Do you answer a lot of questions from students who are confused? Has it been over six months since you made revisions and updates to your course? Is your content delivered primarily through plain text? Did you inherit your course from another instructor? Was your course migrated from CE8? Are there changes and updates you would like to make to your course, but are unsure how? Are there are other technologies,

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Need help with your next great idea?

If you’ve been thinking about trying something fresh with instructional technology, an Innovation Grant might be just the thing.     The Innovations Workgroup, a sub-group of iTAG (Instructional Technology Advisory Group) is excited to introduce a pair of mini-grant initiatives designed to make it a little easier to experiment with new instructional technologies.   These grants are available to all Chemeketa instructors, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis so you can apply at any time.   For full information, including selection criteria and access to the application forms, please go to